ICA partners with The Food Education Project / March 19, 2013

ICA welcomes The Food Education Project. FEP will be teaching the health education curriculum to the freshman Health and Physical Education classes on Wednesdays and Fridays. Christine Shayesteh, a Personal Counselor at ICA is a board member of FEP and will deliver the curriculum to the students. She will be joined by other clinicians and experts from FEP. A component of FEP's program includes starting and helping the students maintain a food garden. More information about FEP can be found on their website:

This program is being funded by ICA's Healthy Lifestyles grant, a three year grant funded by the National Recreation Foundation. The goal of the ICA Wellness Program is to encourage and fully integrate a healthy lifestyle for our students, family, and community through the classroom, after school activities and community service efforts.  The development and implementation of a wellness program at ICA is mission driven and imperative for the academic and personal growth of our students. 

1. To teach and integrate positive, healthy lifestyle choices in our school community, helping students recognize that how they feel physically and mentally impacts their learning.

2. To create a culture where positive, healthy lifestyle choices are reinforced and spread to students and the larger ICA community - faculty, staff and families.

3. To build awareness around the impact of a healthy lifestyle on individuals and the community.


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