Alumnae Association

The Alma Mater

It’s ICA we will remember,
Our Alma Mater of the West.
In loud accord we all proclaim her,
The school we love and deem the best.
To ICA we pledge our honor,
Triumphantly we sing her praise.
We will uphold her strength and valor
The maxims of her righteous ways.

ICA, our Alma Mater,
We will cheer you on your way.
Around the blue and white we gather
Cheering you, our ICA!
One ringing chorus let us give,
And all together do our best.
Hurrah, hurrah, for ICA,
Our Alma Mater of the West!


ICA’s Alumnae Association has a vital share in the long and rich traditions of the school. Founded in 1904, the Association remains an integral part of ICA today. The SCHOOL ECHO reported the goals of the new
organization in a 1904 issue as, first, to enable graduates to keep in touch with one another and, second, “to promote the welfare of the school.”

The Association continues to flourish through the leadership of the Alumnae Leadership Committee and the loyal members of the Spartan family that participate in Alumnae activities. We have updated our photo browser to Flickr. To view photos, click here.

Annual Alumnae Membership Dues: $20

         2013-2014 Alumnae Leadership Committee

  • Susan (Bird) Fox ‘64
  • Roselyn Hernandez, ‘76
  • Julie (Vierucci) Lyons ‘59
  • Kathy (Rende) Mallegni ‘66
  • Dina (Ciarasso) Martens ‘69
  • Angela Stanfel ‘81
  • Anne Dowd ‘55
  • Judith Sedgwick ‘64
  • Sally Mahoney ‘57
  • Barbara Bottarini ‘56
  • Sandra Sifferman ‘56
  • Christine Hughes-Ostrovsky
  • Sara Harrison ‘95
  • Marie Driscoll ‘62
  • Shannon Stabile ‘88
  • Susan Fox ‘64
  • Gina Kipilman ‘91
  • Yvette J. Cortes '80
  • Jean Dovichi Volkman ‘60
  • S. Carolyn McCormick ‘59   
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