Bill Olinger

Director - Corporate Work Study Program

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S. Lilly Fitzpatrick, O.P.

Manager of Sponsor Acquisitions

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Professional Background: Prior to entering the Dominican Sister of Mission San Jose, S. Lilly travelled the world. She ventured to India, Japan, Egypt, Thailand, Australia and Kenya before landing in San Francisco where she worked in the commercial property management business.

Educational Background:  S. Lilly received her Bachelors Degree in Religious Studies from Holy Names University and her Masters Degree in Pastoral Ministries from Holy Names University.

Marathons: S. Lilly thinks they’re fun. She has run eight in total with a time of 3:31 in the Portland, Oregon being her best… to date.

Erika Rangel

CWSP Coordinator

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Noelle Garcia

CWSP Coordinator

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Greg Callaghan

CWSP Coordinator

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Michael Cecchin

CWSP Coordinator

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Corporate Work
Study Office

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