ICA Work Study Update, December 2015
A Message from Our Director


At this wintery time of year
We festoon with lights and act in cheer
Here at ICA, we are celebrating YOU:
Our teammates, our partners,
Who make our dreams come true...

In the midst of this holiday season, we want to send you a message to let you know how much you mean to our community. ICA celebrates its 132nd birthday this year as well as the 7th year of our Corporate Work Study Program. These are special milestones, and they are made possible through a commited team effort. Each year, more students want to come to ICA for the promise we provide. And we are so grateful for the increasing number of companies who now understand our promise and want to be a member of our community of partners, who help make that promise a reality.

You are part of a unique community. As the ICA Cristo Rey team, we are more than 150 companies, over 256 supervisors, many volunteers, and 60 faculty and staff. Our team makes it possible for 323 young women to grow into women of faith, learning, community, leadership, and vision. 100% of these young women will go on to college and into the world, and they will lead us in the future. If you take a moment to consider who we are and what we do, I hope you realize that we are doing something truly special. We are a diverse group that comes together and gets the job done. Though we are all different, we are each committed to a very important shared mission, and through this we work together to accomplish great things.

Thank you for all you do as part of this team. In this season of giving, you and your work are the gifts we are the most grateful for. Have a very happy holiday, and may all your hopes and dreams come true in 2016!

Timothy Szarnicki

Student workers learn and improve from mid-year evaluations


We are so grateful for the feedback you have provided in your mid-year student evaluations. Your responses give us a detailed understanding of how our students are performing at work, and based on your feedback, we can work with each student to help her grow professionally. The evaluations also indicate your knees and preferences, which helps us improve our placement process and our MAPS curriculum.

Curriculum Updates


This month wraps up a full and productive semester for ICA student workers. Our students have learned so much from their MAPS curriculum this semester, and they will be ready to star a new set of projects when they return in January.


Our freshman have come a long way since their two week summer training in August. This semester, they gained their first exposure to a corporate workplace environment, and they processed this experience with daily reflections, including daily goal-setting. Next semester, the main project for freshmen will focus on the Gallup StrengthsExplorer.

Sophomores took on a values exploration that helped them connect their daily actions at work with underlying values. By focusing on their values, the sophomores stayed motivated and kept a positive attitude at work. Next, they will build on their exploration of values to set meaningful professional goals.

Our juniors delved more deeply into goal-setting by tracking and measuring their progress. Next, they will further their progress with the professional presence project. This will help each student grow in one of three areas of professional presentation: oral presentation, written presentation, and personal presentation.

The senior curriculum focuses on the skill of networking, and students began to deepen their professional relationships by initiating feedback meetings with their supervisors. In their spring project, they will create a LinkedIn profile that reflects their experience in Corporate Work Study, which they will carry with them when they graduate from ICA.

In addition to each of these projects, all of our students have been working diligently on their Skillsoft courses. Thank you for supporting our students as they strengthen their Microsoft Office skills with this independent study.

Kick off 2016 at ICA's Holy Hour


It’s time to celebrate! Join ICA Corporate Work Study for our annual Holy Hour, the happy hour that celebrates YOU. Our gathering will take place the evening of Thursday, January 21, location to be announced. Come meet fellow supervisors, compete for raffle prizes, and start the year off right: partying with CWSP! Keep an eye out for your invitation, coming soon.

Upcoming Work Holidays


Christmas Break
Monday, December 21-Friday, January 1

Martin Luther King Jr. Day
January 18