"Burning Platform" Scholarships

A very generous Immaculate Conception Academy (ICA Cristo Rey) benefactor, Cara Peck presented $4,000.00 in scholarships on Wednesday, May 7, 2014.  Ms. Peck challenged the Seniors to share their “Burning Platform” and how ICA Cristo Rey has influenced their passion.  A “Burning Platform” is described as the inspiration behind the good one can do in this world, the guiding light that drives one to create positive change in the world. The winners: 1st place ($2,000) Gloria Anyanwu , 2nd place ($1,000) Vita Moskal , 3rd place ($500 each) Selena Lara and Rebecca Ruano.

The Seniors rose to the occasion for this essay contest. Cara was inspired by their self-knowledge, their impact on others and their hopes for the future.  Gloria, Vita, Selena and Rebecca were presented with checks (for college expenses) and flowers for their moving selections.
Cara closed the ceremony sharing with the students that when their high school and college careers are complete that they remember to negotiate for their worth in the workplace, because they are worth it.

Cara was thanked with a bouquet of flowers and a plaque for her outstanding leadership and support toward the ICA Cristo Rey community.  As well as supporting the young women of ICA Cristo Rey, Cara holds the position of Executive Vice President with Wells Fargo & Company as Head of Enterprise, Talent, Planning & Development Services.

Watch Out Golden Gate

The Student Impact Project is designed to bring structural engineers and design professionals into the classroom to teach and engage students in the design and construction of original to-scale model bridges constructed from rudimentary materials with structural integrity. The curriculum consists of a ten week program from February to April, with a final event in PG&E’s auditorium with all participating teams presenting their bridges. The program takes place in high schools in San Francisco and the East Bay. A team of 3-5 engineers jointly teaches each class while an experienced lead engineer coordinates the lesson plans. Our volunteer structural engineers bring with them a deep knowledge of their field and act as teacher mentors while working in concert with classroom educators. Students are more engaged and more motivated because they are working with professionals face to face on a weekly basis.

Student teams select a bridge design scenario for which they compete to win a “design contract.” Teams design and build a model bridge and present their bridge design with a written essay and oral presentation to a panel of judges at the end of the process. Entries are judged and given a cumulative score for artistic design, written and oral presentation, and design integrity and solution.

ICA students placed 1st (Presentation), 2nd (Seattle Scenario) and 3rd (Rio Scenario). Congratulations, future engineers!

Ladies & Germs


The sophomore biology students spent two weeks in April participating in the Amgen Biotech Experience Amgen Bruce Wallace, a biotech company, provides schools with the supplies and equipment needed to genetically engineer bacteria. They succeeded in moving the rfp gene (originally from sea anemones) into bacteria.  The engineered bacteria expressed the gene to make red fluorescent protein, which resulted in pink colonies on the formed Petri dishes.  All of the biology students learned biotech skills;  micro pipetting, loading gels to do electrophoresis, centrifuging samples, and plating bacteria using sterile technique.

Spirit of Generosity

Janet and Clint Reilly made their annual visit, engaging the students in a round-table discussion to learn about their dreams and future goals.

Students apply for tuition assistance as 8th graders.  If selected,  Mr. and Mrs. Reilly make a committment to the girls for the entire four years of their high school career.

ICA is most grateful for the Reilly's continued spirit of generosity. 

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June 6: Graduation, St. Mary's Cathedral 7:00pm

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October 30: 7th Annual Gala, Grand Hyatt Union Square